Sunday, 1 June 2014

Summer Entertaining

We recently ran our successful Summer Entertaining cookery demonstration. Alison and Claire had found some delicious recipes that went down very well with our audience.

We started with a fresh pea soup that Claire served with a small helping of mint gelato. This dish is perfect for summer dinner parties. A green fresh soup with a contrast of cool crisp mint gelato made an unusual and impressive starter.

Ham hock terrine served with a ginger chutney was the other starter. This dish would also travel well in a picnic.

Our first main course was a delicious fish tagine, bursting with Mediterranean flavours, served with light fluffy couscous. Alison's second main dish was chicken in provencal sauce served with a green salad and a refreshing cucumber dressing.

For pudding we had a fresh lemon tart and a rich baked cheese cake served with a raspberry coulis.

This was a delicious menu and several customers commented that everything served was absolutely delicious. "Their best demonstration yet" was a comment heard around the cookery school kitchen! Well done Alison and Claire! 

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